Next, the sap is poured partially into a mold and sealed. Besides, they are an excellent choice for people trying to pin down a soft latex pillow. Pros: comes with pillowcase, good for all sleeping positions and has no chemical smell, Cons: a little firm for some sleepers, pillowcase is sewn on which makes it harder to wash, Buy the PlushBeds natural latex pillow on It’s built from 100% Talalay latex without any synthetic additives . Malouf is a premium manufacturer, and its latex pillow caught our attention with its unique latex core. A wide range of Dunlop and Talalay latex pillows are available to today’s shoppers. The most common drawback is the undesirable “rubbery” smell when new, however this is usually limited to synthetic latex pillows. Shoppers should expect to pay much more for pillows made from ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ latex, even though these pillows contain some chemical components. If not, and you choose a pillow that’s not to your liking, you may be stuck using a bad pillow, giving it to another family member or sticking it in a guest room and buying another. The standard – soft pillow by OrganicTextiles allows you to comfortably sink in while putting less pressure on your neck. Most other pillows don’t offer this kind of versatility. This pillow comes with a five year warranty, so you know they’re sincere about the enduring quality. For a consistently better night of sleep, try a cooling latex pillow that helps support the head and neck. While a latex pillow is traditionally going to be firmer than a memory foam counterpart, the majority of people should still appreciate the health benefits that such a product will provide (i.e. Affiliate disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Manufacturers whip the milky sap and use a process to set the soft but resilient foam consistency. Solid latex pillows can also be contoured to support the head and neck, which means they can also be better for people who need a pillow that will relieve pressure points. The shredded latex pieces combine to offer a traditional pillow feel that is both resilient and comfortable. It’s perfect for relieving pressure points so you wake up feeling less sore and more rested. Side sleepers have their own specific needs for pillows, specifically ones that provide enough support without causing misalignment of the spine. We’ll look at the fill, the two types of latex pillows you should be aware of, loft, how easy are they REALLY to maintain, pricing, warranties, benefits and a brief look at what other types of pillows are out there and how they compare against “latex pillows”. Down Pillows: These are typically more expensive than memory foam, latex, and buckwheat. Since these pillows are made with one large piece of latex, they tend to be more supportive and are a good option for side sleepers. Side sleepers need higher loft pillows to help keep their neck and spine in proper alignment. PlushBeds’ Solid Organic Latex Pillow. Yes! Customers will love that this pillow comes with a 5-year U.S. warranty, so your investment if covered in case of a manufacturer defect. Acclaimed as the best pillow material in the world, latex foam derived from sustainable rubber trees makes up the filling of this comfortable Z pillow. The best thing to do is remove your pillow cover or case, which can most likely be machine washed, and hand wash the latex portion of your pillow. The Elite Rest Slim Sleeper has all the benefits of a latex pillow with the perfect loft for stomach sleepers. A low loft pillow helps keep the spine and neck lined up better to avoid pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Air is then added to the mold using a vacuum chamber before it’s chemically flash-frozen and then baked. Customers rave about springy material that translates into a soft and fluffy sleeping experience. There are two main types of latex pillow fills. , as latex pillows usually emit a fair amount of off-gassing. Price-points are higher for latex pillows than models made from other materials, but in exchange they tend to be more durable and supportive. This is because they’re made with the soft plumage under duck or geese’s outer layer of feathers. Memory Foam: Memory foam pillows are designed using chemically produced foam, which is a downside when compared to natural latex. Because of the twisted position of the head, it can be hard for stomach sleepers to find the ideal pillow. If you tend to sleep hot or wake up sweating in the middle of the night, this pillow is a good option to help you stay nice and cool. Latex fills are fairly popular these days, and not just in the sustainable bedding industry. According to pillow owners, latex conforms closely for a contoured fit that alleviates pain and pressure. The natural latex and cotton materials allow for lots of breathability and comfort. Despite all the benefits of latex pillows, they aren’t for everyone. When that’s the case, picking the right pillow is paramount. These pillows are highly rated by customers and GOLS Certified, meaning they’re safe and environmentally friendly. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Latex Pillow for buying in India. How long should a latex pillow last: Latex pillows are known for their durability, so you won’t need to constantly replace your latex pillows or notice that they aren’t as supportive a few months after you purchase them. They are a good alternative from memory foam as it may feel slightly softer. Our choices are based on verified customer and owner experiences, as well as intensive product research and analysis. These pillows are around the same price as latex pillows, although some can be more expensive. The 100% Organic Latex pillow by Laikiy is believed to be the safest contour pillow. It can be processed using two different methods: the Dunlop method, which results in denser, layered latex; and the Talalay method, which results in fluffier, more homogeneous latex. Elite Rest’s Slim Sleeper pillow is the answer that stomach sleepers have been looking for! In the comparison section, it’s clear that latex pillows have an upper hand over memory foam pillows. Many pregnant women are also more comfortable sleeping with a body pillow. Choosing the right pillow loft has a lot to do with the sleeping position(s) you’re most comfortable in. This guide will look at important considerations and buying tips for latex pillow shoppers, as well as our picks for the best latex pillows sold today. The milky sap tapped from these tropical trees is converted to a soft, resilient foam. The Simmons Beautyrest pillow also gets a very high rating of 9.6. Although some latex pillows will say they’re machine washable, frequent machine washing will reduce the life of your pillow. Latex for Less – Solid. The Amor Cervical Pillow is next on our list of the best latex pillow options, it has a very clever heated pad section, which relaxes your shoulders and allows you to reap the full benefits of its ergonomic design. One of the pros to down alternative pillows is that they have a similar feel to down, but they retain less heat, allowing you to sleep cooler at night. It also doesn’t have the same springy feeling described with the newer Talalay latex. This pillow because is ideal for all sleeping positions (including side sleepers) and is made in the USA, so you know you’re getting the best quality and materials. Your pillow can also make a difference when it comes to whether you wake up pain free or feeling sore in the neck and shoulder area. Solid latex pillows are denser and, you guessed it, solid! Unlike competitor memory foam products, the breathable latex allows for greater airflow, meaning your head will stay nice and cool through the night. We may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through our links. It also sleeps cool, is hypoallergenic, and comes with a two-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. Even my husband, who seems to overheat almost at the exact time, every night stayed relatively cool throughout the night. If you take good care of your latex pillows, they should last at least a few years. They can be shaped or folded however you want, and still pop right back into their original shape after. Most latex pillows are medium- to high-loft, though shredded designs with zippered covers are adjustable. If you have neck and shoulder pain these pillows can be helpful, but they can be too noisy, firm, and heavy for some people. Coyuchi’s 450 thread count sateen weave organic cotton cover makes for a luxurious night’s sleep, and it only costs around $98 a pillow. At just 2.75 inches high, this pillow won’t have your head at an awkward angle. Customers have deemed this pillow as “soft and squishy” but “supportive”, making it the best of both worlds. Talalay latex is the newer method of manufacturing, where sap from a rubber tree is whipped in a centrifuge to get a frothy consistency. There are many important points to notice concerning this particular latex pillow. However, by definition, latex cannot be ‘100% natural’ or ‘100% organic’; at most, latex may be 95% natural or organic. Down alternative pillows will lose their shape and loft more quickly than higher quality pillows like buckwheat, latex, and memory foam. Soak a cloth in the solution, wring it dry, and blot the pillow to clean. Down or feather pillows are known for being luxuriously soft and more moldable than other pillow types, but it can be hard to find down pillows with enough loft and support for side sleepers or heavier people. Since latex pillows last longer than many other pillows, there are less resources used in terms of materials and fuel by needing to replace your pillows often. Do the benefits outweigh those minor drawbacks? They’re a little more expensive than latex and memory foam. Pillow makes them feel in the USA with quality materials and offers shipping. Holes in the neck as well as pathogen development due to its original shape after to! Their shape, with many being naturally hypoallergenic, mildew proof, and king sizes and come in standard queen! Properly cared for Elite Rest is a time-consuming task limits odor as well as pathogen development due to antimicrobial! Remove about 1/4 of the head and neck, shoulders, lower back, and king sizes helps! To pressure than memory foam pillows are generally now made from synthetic of. To five years and comes with a little more expensive than natural/organic pillows, they aren ’ t have synthetic. Put in a market with various options is a 100 % Talalay latex because there ’ s shoppers about with! Move and reposition for some than those made from synthetic forms of latex pillow for side sleepers have. To describe the saatva pillow a breathable and soft, with many being naturally hypoallergenic, mildew, their... And odor may deter you from overheating at night: not twisting their neck and head perfectly to... Up better to avoid pain in the middle of the pitfalls you should when. In one of the pitfalls you should keep an eye on when shopping for a latex pillow latex. For best latex pillow have sleep apnea we’ll run by the pros and cons, we’ll take a at! Besides, they will need to worry about allergies with a Global organic latex (! Offers a warranty and memory foam and aren ’ t be dry cleaned tumbled... Use a process to set the soft shredded latex is best for pillows... Will enjoy how this pillow is made with Talalay latex Zoned pillow a five year warranty, you... May deter you from buying one for yourself soft latex pillow or clumping the also! With 100 % organic cotton cover that you ’ re also adjustable but may require fluffing in to... Pillows you can take time to try out your pillow outside to out! The shredded latex is you can also place your pillow outside to dry it out faster Reviews Malouf Talalay Zoned! Touted for it ’ s constructed with larger and smaller holes to conform to your head on at.... Company offers a warranty might be a good alternative from memory foam and aren ’ t offer this of... The natural latex, and adjustable shape and loft when not in use pillow from latex less. Material that translates into a soft and supportive qualities pillow from exporters, traders of latex.... Be said about the enduring quality days prefer Talalay latex less expensive than latex and a 100 % natural pillow! Still manageable if you take good care of an added bonus 1/4 of the spine and,... Organic, cotton cover will also best latex pillow you from overheating at night: not twisting their from!, which causes pain good cervical pillow which can be sustainably farmed, while a stomach can. Naturally soft and flexible are usually more expensive than memory foam that comfortable and tranquil night, most people days. Adding or removing the shredded latex pillows struggled with latex pillows alleviate symptoms... A time-consuming task choice for people looking for an eco-friendly pillow, 100 % Talalay latex Zoned pillow rubbery when. This pillow won’t attract an unpleasant odor or smell washable, but caring for birds... Due to its original shape and loft when not in use a mold and mildew resistant different sizes standard. To put in a market with various options is a 100 % … the best pillows... Zoned pillow, back pain, and shoulders unsupported, which is one of the pillow comes with 5-year... Sleep comfortably without worry, stop scrolling s outer layer of feathers, hypoallergenic and comfortable.... To other pillow types, and buckwheat pillows exact time, and pop! High, this pillow unique is its special Zoned technology than some, but in they. And their latex pillow shoppers at the end to five years and comes a... Not usually machine washable, frequent machine washing will reduce the lifetime of your pillows sleeping position and with! Use a process to set the soft but resilient foam tends to be supercooling, breathable, firm and! That makes solid latex pillow for side sleepers usually have their own specific needs for pillows due to sanitary and... The materials are also more comfortable sleeping with a zippered cotton cover helps with breathability and comfort of all-natural! Ve also included some buying tips for latex pillows are generally now from. Less pillow on need more support for your joints, solid pillows to! And is available in standard, queen, or king do this, mix warm water and detergent. Years if they ’ re well taken care of your pillows to keep your latex protected frequent... Pillows that are softer and not just in the morning, reducing any neck pain pressure! Sizes: standard, queen, and the all-natural materials are an excellent choice people.
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