Vilastil D&P:s main area of work is licensing of rights to new production of products by Stig Lindberg or development of new products where Stig Lindbergs pattern or design is the main or a dominating feature of the products.


Vilastil D&P holds of the copyrights to a large part of Stig Lindbergs lifework and also holds the Immaterial rights to his entire production. Some licencing is carried out in collaboration with The Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden - BUS.



VILASTIL D&P welcome Ideas and suggestions to, new production and developing projects. However, we follow strict principles conserning material, coulour, form, shape and quality etc,. This in order to ensure that products are as far as possible manufactured in the spirit of Stig Lindberg and not in any way offensive to his artistic achievement.


Licensing by Vilastil D&P is a guarantee that products are not plagiarized ore developed without his familys consent. In certain cases products may also be allowed to be labled with his signature: Stig L. © VILASTIL D&P


Welcome to contact with ideas, questions and for further information.




Stig Lindberg


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