About Vilastil Design & Production:


Vilastil is a family owned buisness run by Stig Lindbergs son and daughter; Lars Stig and Vibeke. The name Vilastil is an abreviation of just Vibeke Lars Stig Lindberg


Vilastil was founded in 2011 in order to meet the increasing demand for new production of Stig Lindbergs works, not only in Sweden but from all over the world.


Vilastil D&P is also a tool for the family to have a better control over the quality of such production and try to prevent illegal plagiarism and violations of the inherited copyrights.


Vilastil also trades with specially selected artworks and objects designed by Stig Lindberg and other artists.


The Head office and Showroom is situated in Sölvesborg in the south of Sweden. There is also an office in Copenhagen Denmark.


Headoffice and Showroom:


VILASTIL Design & Production

Västra Storgatan 29

294 34 Sölvesborg



Tel: +4553706466

E-mail: manager@vilastil.com

Web www.vilastil.com


VATreg nr: SE969753887501

Bank giro: 722-6145




Copenhagen office


Lars Dueholm-Lindberg/

Vilastil Design & Production

Blegdamsvej 40

2200 København N



Tel: +4553706466

E-mail: manager@vilastil.com

Web: www.vilastil.com


Stig Lindberg


Stig L. is a Registred Trademark

VILASTIL Design & Production

Västra Storgatan 29

294 34 Sölvesborg


Phone: 0045 53 70 64 66


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